Data Acquisition

Our extensive Data Acquisition capabilities allow us to provide the latest technology for downhole and surface data acquisition systems. We can provide best in class advice and service on a range of data acquisition services. These include:

– Real-Time Production Monitoring
– Remote ESD (Emergency Shut Down) Systems
– Flow Metering
– Wellhead Pressure & Temperature Monitoring
– Downhole Memory Gauges
– Downhole Fracture Monitoring Gauges
– Permanent Downhole Gauge Systems
– Downhole Artificial Pump Health Monitoring
– Wireless Real-Time Downhole Fracture Monitoring
– Wireless Real-Time Drill Stem Testing
– Satellite & 4G Communication Packages

If you have a requirement or idea for data acquisition services, involving anything from acquiring data from you reservoir all the way through to delivering the data to your desktop, give us a call.