Permanent Downhole Gauges

Firetail’s permanent monitoring systems contain the most advanced permanent downhole measurement technology to allow monitoring of downhole reservoir conditions in real time.

Pressure, temperature and vibration data is collected and can be stored on on-site data loggers, tied into on-site control systems or transmitted for live desktop viewing and analysis. The data provides long-term reservoir and production monitoring, helping you optimise well productivity and identify issues before they occur.

– Reservoir Monitoring
– Integrity Monitoring
– Artificial Lift Optimisation
– Pressure
– Temperature
– Vibration
– High Temperature
– Multi-Sensor
– Multi-Zone
– High Noise & Vibration

The systems can be conveyed via a range of tubing, casing or semi-permanent wireline suspension methods allowing a flexible range of measurement locations. Mechanical protection methods are carefully selected to suit to all completion types.

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