Firetail’s management team have many decades of combined well services experience on local and international projects. These experienced professionals are actively involved with our customers, suppliers and staff alike on a 24/7 basis.

We are committed to Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment. Firetail provides strong leadership from the managing director, management team, strong leadership in the field and the commitment from the crews themselves to work and act sensibly and practice good safety behaviors.

The following executive commitment for 2017

  • Firetail leadership team will promote the best work environment with excellent safety and staff welfare.
  • To fully support Firetail HSE and Firetail QMS, which provides integrated safety and quality at
    the very heart of Firetail business and services.
  • Committed to business and operational excellence, and continuous improvement of our Quality and HSE Management systems.
  • Compliance with our customer’s rules and procedures. I will always defend your decision to “STOP” work if unsafe.
  • Defend the right of every employee to work in a safe and secure work place, regardless of their nationality, background, religion or belief.
  • Not tolerate any form of fraudulent or corrupt practices at any level.
  • Be open-minded and fair when managing Firetail Industrial Relations.
  • Support the training and development of all staff with increasing integration of local goods and services with the Firetail business.

All Employees of Firetail; including our sub-contractors and 3rd party service providers are treated equally.