Packers, Plugs, Patches & Perforating

Firetail can supply and service a range of completions hardware. Out extensive experience in benign water wells through to harsh HP/HT wells means we have the expertise to accurately advise and select the right equipment for your application.


Whether you are after open or cased hole packers, in a range of pressure ratings and sizes, we can provide services to ensure you select and install the correct packer.


Plugs can be provided for conveyance on wireline, slickline  or coil tubing methods to provide effective isolation in your wellbore.


Damaged casing? We can provide metal-metal and non metal-metal sealing casing patches to suit a range of conditions.


Our in house experts can help you choose the best perforating guns and advise on the most efficient perforating methods for your operations, whether it be Slickline, Wireline, TCP or Coil.